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Friday, December 23, 2016

[SS-232] Staircase Struggle


Nevin was walking down the stairs of his apartment. He was already shirtless as he was planning to jog outside.

As he went down the staircase, a big body caught up with him.

"Hey, Nevin!"

He turned around and saw a familiar man. He trembled a little.

"How the fuck did you know my name?!" he exclaims at the man

The man grinned. "I asked the security downstairs. I had to ask. You didn't give me your name after our thing two nights ago."

He stopped and glared at the man. He placed his hands inside his pockets like he always did when he was nervous. "That. Shit. That thing was just... nothing."

"You just burst into my room man. A stranger coming to me and just kissing me and--"

"Stop! I was drunk and high and I thought you were my ex girlfriend!" Nevin growled.

The man took his shirt off and bared his muscular, ripped torso, "wow. Do I fucking look like a girl to you?!"

Nevin swallowed, "okay. It was a mistake. Please. I am not-- gay." Then he ran down the stairs.

When he got to the bottom, the man caught up again with him, took his arm and kissed him.

Nevin struggled but later fell weak against the lip locking.

When they parted the man whispered, "hi Nevin. I am Kayel. I'm not gay too. But you fucked me good that night. I want you. Again."

Nevin looked down, "I don't know man..."

Kayel sprinted outside to the foresty backyard of the apartment then looked back, "well... I'll be chilling in the greens. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting here."

Nevin sighed and surrendered. He ran to the hunk and kissed him while pushing him to the tree. "Fuck I want you too."

Then he knelt, pulled Kayel's pants off and sucked the hardening dick.

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