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Friday, December 16, 2016

[SS-229] Peeping Tom


Indrano knew that he looked silly creeping  along the wall behind his new neighbor's house.

The first time he saw the bachelor moving in the bungalow beside his, he knew he had to see more of his new neighbor

Indrano was gay, and was very picky about the guys he dated or pursued.

But this neighbor of his got his attention. Even with clothes on, he could tell than the man sported a good physique. The bachelor was very handsome and smooth skinned.

However, Indrano found out that the boy next door was straight. There was a girl who frequently visited the house.

His attraction for the neighbor was such that he wanted to see the man up close.

He climbed up the wall and peeped through the window. He gasped silently at the image of the hunk bare chested while working in the kitchen.

Indrano got instantly hard upon seeing the muscles of his sexy neighbor. It did not help that he was shirtless as he peeped. He felt his skin burning with desire.

Some of the rocks he was standing on fell and made a sound.

The man looked up and saw him by the window. "What the fuck?! What are you doing there?!"

"I am sorry! I am so sorry!" Indrano ran back to his house.

That night, Indrano was up for hours because he was worried for himself and also fantasizing about his straight, sexy neighbor.

The next morning while he was having breakfast, he heard the door of the next house open. Indrano cannot help but put his head out of the window and looked outside.

To his surprise, the neighbor came out wearing only gray boxer briefs.

The hunk saw him, "hey!"

Indrano panicked and went back in. His heart thumped faster when he heard knocks on his door.

He decided to open it despite his fear. The adonis like figure stood by his door step.

"Hey Mr. Voyeur!" the man teased.

"Ahhhhh... uhm... hehe... uhm hello?" he responded awkwardly.

"Don't worry. You're not the only peeping tom here. I have been creeping by your window since I got here," the man shyly admitted.

Indrano immediately remembered one night when he heard rustling and thought it was a burglar. "Ohhh. Uhm. But your girlfriend?"

"My sister."


"So are you gonna let me stand here naked or are you gonna let me in so we can fuck?"

Indrano pulled the guy in and kissed him, "shit... Let me suck you."

"Yeah. Then fuck me later."

He knelt and removed the boxers. He sucked the hardening cock.

"Finger me bro... Play with my ass... ughhh," the neighbor requested.

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