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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

[SS-228] Scuba Teacher


"Oh my gawsh! It's Ahron!"

The ladies who were patiently waiting for their scuba diving class all perked up when the trainer arrived. He was walking with just dark gray trunks and scuba gear.

Eversince Ahron applied to be a scuba diving teacher in that water park, the number of female enrollees peaked. The word about the handsome, muscular man who trained wearing only skimpy suits quickly spread.

As he taught the students, he let the ladies grope him. He liked the attention. And the management liked the money that he was bringing in the scuba diving school.

When the class was finished, he removed his scuba gear and sat on the platform trying to relax. He knew that students and spectators were taking pictures of him, but he did not mind.

When everyone left, he decided to go to the male showers to prepare for the rest of his day. To his surprise, he saw one man in the shower.

It was his only male student in that session today.

The adult student was wearing blue trunks as he wet himself. His suit and his tan, muscled physique blended well with the faded blue shower walls.

Ahron saw him earlier already in a scuba suit, and was surprised he packed a hard body underneath it.

"Hello Sir Ahron!" he greeted gleefully.

Ahron shared the shower with him, "hi! You were at my class, right?"

"Yeah! It was fun," the student said.

"What do you need scuba skills for?" Ahron asked.

"Well... I don't know. I just came to class because they said there was a hot teacher. I didn't know they meant it was a man, haha!" he jokingly replied.

Ahron laughed, "aww. Sorry to disappoint you, man."

The student blushed, "well I am not disappointed at all. I mean, because I'm straight doesn't mean I can no longer appreciate beauty even in a man. And Sir Ahron, you are hot."

Ahron scratched his head, "uhm. Hey... uh. Thanks. And yeah you are right. I am straight, but damn your body. It's so much more built than mine."

"Can I touch your muscles Ahron? You seem like a person who likes his muscle worshipped."

"Ahh uhmm... sure..."

Ahron felt the electricity as the student's palm travelled across his pecs and then squeezed his biceps.

"Gawd. You are built," the man muttered.

Ahron also touched the man's muscles. "Gawd you too. You've got a better ass!"

His hands went to the man's butt. He slid under the blue trunks. He squeezed the mounds of muscle. And then traced the butthole in between.

"Shiiit. Put a finger in," the student said.

"You sure?"


Ahron inserted a finger inside the hot flesh.

"Oh gawwwd. Yeeesss..." the man moaned.

Ahron continued fingering the man and later said, "you look like you're having fun?"


"Do that to me too!"

The hunky student in heat immediately complied. The burly hand went behind him and started fingering his hole.

"Ohhh shit. It feels good!" Ahron muttered.

Their started grinding their hard bulges as they fingered each other.

They look at each other. Their lips met.

"Gawd. Let's continue this in my place, Ahron!"

"Yes... I want you to fuck me, stud!"

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