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Friday, December 9, 2016

[SS-226] Director's Pictorial


Jham was filled with excitement as he walked to the television director's office.

He broadcast communications major who was already in his practicum period. He tried his luck by passing an application to be the apprentice of an acclaimed television director for a new project.

To his delight, the filmmaker accepted his request for internship.

It was his first day. Jham was asked to go directly to one of the photo studios of the building of the TV network. He knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" asked the baritone voice from the opposite side of the door.

"Jham. The intern," he replied.

"Come on in."

Jham opened the door and found that the room was small and dimly lit. The director was there naked with a towel around his waist.

"Good day Direk Nava," Jham greeted, "thank you for approving my apprenticeship."

"Your credentials are outstanding. And I needed an assistant for a new project, so I took you in."

"What are we doing in this studio, sir?"

"You are going to shoot me nude. My project is an R18 indie film. I want to see how you work around nudity." Then the director dropped the towel.

Jham gasped and looked away. But it was too late. The image of the director's burly body covered in colorful tattoos and long cock was already etched in his mind.

"So, that is how you react with nudity. Well. I don't think you have what it takes. You may leave," the director spoke strongly.

Jham looked back and shook his head, "no! No direk. I was just surprised."

"Then start shooting," the naked man commanded.

Jham, still feeling awkward, went to the camera on the tripod. He started taking shots while the director posed with a chair. At first, the man was only showing his behind.

Later, the director started doing frontal nudity poses.

Jham started sweating. The body and the dick of his boss was already making him hot. Which is weird, because he is straight to begin with.

After the shooting session, the director went to the camera to see the shots. Jham stood beside him and was catching glances at the semi-erect penis.

"You want to touch it?" the naked man suddenly said.

Jham went red. "Uhhhmmm..."

"Touch it."

Jham slowly put his hand on the cock. He held it tightly. It was firm and hot in his hands.

"You can suck it too."

Jham did not need to answer. He immediately went down and placed the dick in his mouth. His hands traced the lines of the tattoos.

"Gawd. The moment I saw your CV in you application. I knew you were a handsome straight cock sucker. Yeah boy. Suck it good."

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