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Friday, November 25, 2016

[SS-220] Maker's Parade


The Maker was walking by the beach. He spots potential play things for an event he was asked to organize. The three men possessed the characteristics of viable subjects: handsome, exceptionally muscular, cocky narcissists who flirts excessively with every pretty girl in bikini that they meet.

He drafts a quick plan in his mind and approaches the three torso-bared men who wore colorful boardshorts.

"Excuse me, Sirs!" he greeted as he took out three bottles from his bag, "you seem like men who are very keen in hygiene. Maybe you would like to try my sample products?"

"In exchange for what?!" the seemingly eldest of the trio grumpily growled.

"Nothing. It's free. It's a new line," the Maker explained.

The biggest guy took one from him, "oh gawd man! These are Makerman Products! These are fucking popular and expensive!"

"No shit?!" the third guy exclaimed as he got one bottle. Then the first guy got his too.

The three seemed excited for their loot.

The Maker took out a camera. "Can I take a picture of you three. For documentation?"

The three happy man happily posed whike waving their gifts.


Using a modulated voice, the Maker commanded, "come to the gay parade pride tomorrow."

The trio looked dazed as they nodded.

The next day, the trio led a pack of other newly manufactured human mannequins. They presented themselves as previously hot straight guys who are now gay.

People looked in awe and disgust as the men were physically flirting with each other.

At the end of the parade, the three men, wearing only designer trunks shared a kiss on stage.

The cheers went on. A striptease threesome show started. Their bulges were wet with cum that voluntarily spewed out of their cocks.

From a distance, the Maker was making calls. Businessmen kept his line busy for purchases.

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