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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Paramour Act 3

Act III: Expresso Shots

He was seriously gorgeous. That was my first thought when I saw him. Gorgeous and mysterious akward. Like he was some kind of brooding Bruce Wayne loner caught in one of the Joker's clown parade. Which we actually are in: a stupid class A clowning party for a three year old child's birthday.

He was just sitting there, silently observing and looking around. As if he contemplated on nothing and everything at the same time. He was also sipping a Starbucks coffee, maybe some kind of caramel frappe concotion, while wearing a business suit which looked funny considering the clown party we are in.

"Hey Daniel, what are you looking at?" Jennah says, while she lugs her big plate of spaghetti towards me. "You looking at him? He's gorgeous you know?"

"Jen, you know how he fits my bill perfectly." I say as I spin my fork around a handful of spaghetti to eat. "He looks...brooding."

"He's Kris. My hubby's boss. He's always like that, he says. Smart, charming yet brooding and very silent. No bullshit man." She elbows me, making me almost spill my spaghetti. "Want me to introduce him to you?"

"Kinda. Let's see how it goes though first." I stood up and got my plate.

I saw him looking forlorn, looking at the children frolicking and playing around with flimsy colored balloons. He smirked. He sipped, and looked again.

"Hey, mind sharing a table?" I say as I set down my plate. He doesn't seem to notice me, and just mutters a simple hum which I thought was agreement. I proceeded to finish my plate of spaghetti while looking at the sight of a green yard filled of children.

"You know, there this solace about children having fun while we adults think about deeper issues, responsibilities and purposes not fathomable by our child's brains." He says, as he shakes his coffee.

"So you have a child down there, I bet?" 

He laughed. He set down his coffee and pulled out his cellphone to look at the time. "No, I'm not the kind to have a child."

"Then, you're with your girlfriend?"

"Are you fishing for information on my status?" He chuckled, beaming his perfectly white teeth. "Because if you are, I'm single and available."

"So that means, yes I can date you?" I smiled back, and he seemed suprised. His quiet demeanor was broken, and he kinda got lost on this.

"Too forward eh? Didn't even ask if I'm gay or straight."

"Well it's worth a shot. People don't exactly figure me as gay material either."

"Oh come on, you're probably laying with a lot of women and men with that cute face and built body that you have."

"Wow, already checked me out huh? Flattered, and yes I would like to take you out to coffee."

"Haha. Let's see." He offered his hands. "Kris. Kris Magdantay." I shake his hands.

"Daniel. Daniel Lumbrero."

From then on, we started to hang out more. Running, hanging out at his local coffeeshop, talking about books and philosophy and whatnots. He matched my intellect well, and he made me think more.

He made me read books I never read, and made me write more. I had made him run and exercise more too, in return. But then, he made me understand what his situation is. How underrated he really is. How unlovable he feels like. Who Basil is.

Which now is standing in front of me.

“I can’t choose between you two. I love you both.” He said, with his eyes full of confusion. 

“But you can’t choose us both. It’s either me or him.” I said, looking at Basil with seething eyes. And then, looking at a defeated Kris.

“Obviously, it will be me he’ll choose.” Basil retorted, with him gleaming his teeth to me.

“Please say it’s me… you know how much I love you more than this bastard.” I held his hands. He looked at me, and withdrew his.

“I can’t.” Tears suddenly burst his eyes, and I forgot his face right then. I got the ring in my hand, and put it on the table next to his coffee.

“If you can’t choose now, then I’ll never be yours.” Basil put his ring that was hanging on his neck beside mine. We looked at him.

“Choose me now. Or else.” Basil said.

Only but silence. His tears fell, and he couldn't look at us. I picked up my ring and threw it in his face. I walked out. He was nothing.

He wasn’t able to choose. Because he wouldn’t want to hurt another person like that? Because of the fear of hurting? So the recourse was to let us both go even if it hurts like hell? So that the only heart that was to be broken was his?


He was walking the street, holding his hand. He thought this wouldn't be possible, but it did.

Basil was holding his hand too. And he smiled as his smile shone through the sunlight blazing behind him. He was happy, Basil was happy.

"This marks around the fifth year of our meeting each other." He said, caressing the back of my hand with his fingers which were interlocked in mine. "Do you ever regret it?"

"In some way, yes. I lost someone I loved, and I gained someone who I would love." I let go of his hand and pinched his right cheek. "And that gave me you."

"But we lost him, and god knows how he is right now."

"Well, it was kinda his fault too." He sighed, and nodded in agreement.

"I guess he was an asshole too. But I never thought..."

"That what Basil? That you would end of loving me of all people?"

"Yes, Dan. You. That fucking asswipe who stole my ex." He laughed.

"Speaking of which, do you know what happened to him? To Kris?" 

"I don't. Everyone lost him too that day. He left without word and haven't even been seen ever since."

He began to pull me away, towards that giant ferris wheel over the bay. "We might miss the fireworks, babe." 

I laughed, got dragged and knocked an innocent bystander in the process. "Hey, not too fast."

"Haha, let's go!"


I've seen them, holding hands. Like the way I've seen them everyday on my mind. The way I got hanged up on having them. Of loving them and losing them. Of both people regretting to know the real me and having the persons who knew who I am leave me. 

And unnecessarily them being in love.

I look at the mirror. My hands grasps them, albeit crushing them a bit.

"This is what you wanted right? This is your dream? This is what you need." I look at myself in the mirror. All I see is something devoid of hope, of purpose.

I take them, one by one.

My visions cloud my eyes. Of bright pulsating colors and the smell of acid burning. Of splotches of white and black, paint spills and frenetic colors.

I feel myself falling, slowly. Seconds drawling in the silence. I feel like floating, behing the throbbing in my head. I feel happy.

I raise my hand towards the sun, and look at the splashes of red in my eyes. Dripping. The sun is crying red tears between my fingers.

I close my eyes. I loved them.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flukes and Thrills 03


Tuesday, "I wonder if he'll be there....  Whatever, it's not like you'll do anything if he happens to be there. Or maybe you will." I laughed alone in the car as I think about why that guy did what he did. Actually, I sort of know what he could be trying to do, reading about stories and stuff in twitter feeds about gym escapades. I shut the idea down 'cause I didn't want to risk things. "But if the guy's as hot as he is, would you care to make an exemption?" I couldn't say, it's one big grey area for me all together, thinking about how things could possibly go. 

It didn't take long before I got to the gym, parked the car, headed up and changed clothes. It was a typical Tuesday night at the gym. Not much guys doing chest, always a good thing. Did a quick check on who are present and began warming up. A few minutes passed and I found the bench press empty. "Nice!" Some three, four, five sets after, in came someone familiar. "He's here, so what are you gonna' do?" I smirked a bit, as I began my next set, "9. 10. 11. 12. Alright water break." I made my way to the fountain, Jolt was there by the machine, I'd surely pass by him. I took a quick look at him - he's looking at me again. "Woops." I veered my head opposite his direction and walked casually to the fountain, on my way back I made sure not to look.

As I sat down the machine, Jolt passed by my side, to the front of the mirror, checking something. "As if he needed to see himself, he looks good as always." After some while, he's done. He passed by once more, this time I followed his transit. "Hmm, let's see if..." Right on cue he looks at me. "Don't flinch, stare it out." It was a rather short while, compared to last time. I gave off a smirk as he passed but making sure he couldn't see me.

"Let's play." After that moment, I wanted to try and see what he'll do if I reverse things. I'll be the one staring and looking, but as subtle as possible, I wouldn't want to escalate the situation of things let alone, I got nothing if he does something else. 

So every time I happen to see him or pass by him, I made sure I'd look and wait for him to look back, looking away as soon as he looks at me. "Playing with lighting. Haha."  He makes his way to the lockers, I followed some two, three minutes after for that not-so-obvious touch. I almost bumped into him on my way down, we both looked surprised as if we didn't expect bumping into each other. Or maybe we expected we'd bump into each other in the lockers and not anywhere else.
I came and took out my jump rope. "Haha, nice try, as if you'd hit cardio today." Again, all for the props and the making things not too obvious. I got back but made sure this time I wouldn't look for him. 

Getting through one full exercise without lighting signaled that it was probably time to call it quits. I breezed through the last bit of exercises with minimal to no contact. Headed to the lockers, changed, fixed my stuff and drove home, with the thoughts of the things I did earlier running through my mind. "I wonder, will he do something else. How long are we gonna be looking at each other. Will you do something if he does something else?" At that point, I stopped running the thoughts and focused on driving. 

Wednesday, my head was blank as I got to the gym as work was a bit demanding that day. Same stuff, parked the car, made my way up, said hi to the concierge and headed to change. 

It was quite packed at the lockers that day, waited out for a while before fixing my stuff, went to the wet area to pee, stalled by the sink and made my way back a minute or two later. 

As I went back to find an empty locker - I saw jolt, he was also fixing his stuff, "He just arrived, this'll be fun, see what he does." None. He didn't look at anyone, just fixated at his stuff. I was subtly anticipating him while I fixed my clothes. None, till he finished and bothered to look around did he realize I was there. A quick look, I reciprocated, looked longer and then it passed. He went out ahead and I went with fixing my stuff. 

As I went out the lockers I wasn't thinking of anything. Walked to the weights room, I didn't bother to check on who's there. I ended up looking for Jolt, where he was. "There." I came by to check out the machines, false, I came to see him, I was met by his stare. I looked elsewhere, all around to seem I was checking the machines. I casually headed for the fountain, a quick gulp and I mindlessly walked back to where he was, took the machine across his and sat down. 

I knew it, I'd done it this time, me going back there finding the empty machine across his, I was feeling the adrenaline, heart beating faster. He was facing me, I knew he was fixated towards me. I had no where else to look. I knew I was where I needed to be. I looked at him - he was staring, waiting for me to look. I looked away, worked the machine, "7..8..9..oh fuck it. Do something. Go stare at him, you're here already, might as well." Like a lighting rod, I served my purpose, I caught the lightning, I knew it was taking long this time. "Do something!" I ended up giving off a quick raise of my brows, as if a quick nod, a gesture as if I bumped into a friend acknowledging his presence. 

Quickly his expression changed, he nodded back but something came up, as if he wasn't expecting me to nod, yet I knew he has been wanting me to react to his stare like this. I broke the contact, looked away, finished a set in my machine, whatever it was called I was still in a panic. I ended up staring at him - this time, I was first. He looked back. His nod, I knew what it meant even if it was the first time some one dealt with me that way. It was like a 'hello' yet it held some other message. I knew what it meant, at the back of my head I knew. "Shit, now you've done it." I was still in a bit of a panic yet I no longer felt my heart beating fast, somehow I felt relieved that he wasn't just messing with me. 

Our stares lasted longer, wasn't able to keep track. I ended up leaving the machine 'cause I had no other moves left, as I passed by him, he raised his brows once more and I just gave of a smile. An awkward one. 

I knew he continued to stare, I drank by the fountain and I caught him looking my way, I didn't bother to meet his stare but I knew he was looking at me. 

I found myself going through my routine, with the I just did still haunting me thinking how crazy it was to do that, yet it also felt good - doing something crazy. I kept thinking about things, thinking what next. I knew I'd done it, I triggered something I might not be prepared for. I was half laughing and half shaking myself deep inside. "So you nodded, what are you gonna' do next smart ass." 

It was like a game of catch, he throws a glance and waits for me to catch it. It kept going on for the next series of exercises. I noticed Jolt making his way to the locker. I knew what it could mean if I followed. Given that I knew what I did earlier when I nodded at him, like a fly drawn to the candle, I half mindlessly made my way to the lockers a couple of minutes after him. 

Hoping this time I don't bump into him along the way, hoping he was still inside yet thinking about how crazy I was acting, everything was in a sort of trance that I knew what I was doing, I knew what I was in for.

As I came inside, I saw Jolt, facing the mirror, the locker room, empty. I faced the counter top, doing nothing, looking at my phone checking nothing, looking at the mirror - nothing. I knew where he was, a few meters next to me. Sitting down, his demeanor as if he was anticipating what I was going to do - nothing, I continued doing nothing. A few people came in, passed by, it looked like they weren't going to changes yet, I didn't care. I was anticipating Jolt's moves. 

Through my peripheral vision, I saw Jolt stand up, walked my way, stood next to me, a feet or two away, check his reflection, he looked around. All the while I was still doing nothing, staring at the mirror, observing Jolt through the reflection. 

Jolt resumed texting or doing whatever it was on his phone, then a quick moment after, he tilted his phone, facing me. I knew what it was, I gave him a quick look, he was smirking. I looked down on his phone, I saw his number on the screen. 

I thought of memorizing it but then a quick snap at the back of my mind, I mindlessly unlocked my phone quickly to type in his number.


Gay Dating Infographic

Friday, January 29, 2016

[SS-091] Daddy Dominatrix


Leone arrived home earlier than usual. Classes got cancelled in his school due to an emergency meeting that the teachers had to attend to.

He went straight to his room and to his surprise, his father was there using his computer unit. But more than that, he was dumbfounded seeing his burly, muscular father almost naked except for a very skimpy black leather brief and leather harness around his torso. He also wore black shades and leather gloves.

"What the fuck, dad?!" Leone bellowed.

His father jumped and turned to him, "fuuuuck! Leone!" Then he started closing tha webcam and chat windows in the computer.

"What were you doooing?!" Leone asked.

The father walked to him frantically. "Look, Leone... I can explain... You're in college now and my day job can no longer afford your tuition. So, I searched for extra income sources. And so far... uhm... doing a cam show for old geezers pays very much so I tried it anyway."

"Well, I wouldn't be so surprised that you'll get so much income from that. I have rarely seen how you look like without your clothes off. You're kind of hot dad," Leone admitted. He could not take his eyes off the oiled up jacked body of his father.

His dad smiled weekly, "thanks son. I'm sorry you had to see your father whoring himself."

"I'm sorry too Dad. That you had to do this for my education..." Leone spoke lovingly.

His father held his shoulder, "anything for you son."

Leone could not resist the urge to kiss his father. So, he just lounged at his dad's lips.

His Dad shuddered but did not move away. After a few moments, they were already ardently french kissing, while the son's hands roamed around the slimy smooth body.

"Fuck... Dad... This is wrong but damn. You're so sexy. I couldn't help my self... I've never been with any man before," Leone muttered hoarsely.

"Gawd, Leone. If you only knew how long I've lusted for you... son..." his father admitted, "I just didn't know how you'd feel about your own dad wanting to have sex with you."

"Shit! This is crazy, but yes. I want to do it with you..."

His father held his hand and brought it in front of the black leather brief bulge, "you'll by my client today."

Then they kissed once more.

Thursday, January 28, 2016



Tahimik na naghihintay si Chino sa opisina ng kanyang amo. Mag-isa lamang siya doon. Kasama siya sa dalawang personal body guard ni Sir Andres sa gabing iyon. Kung saan niya ito sasamahan ay hindi pa niya alam.

Nakatayo lang siya at nakadungaw sa bintana. Nakikita niya ang mga taong naglalakad sa kalsada. Base sa suot ng mga ito, ay galing ito sa kanya-kanyang mga white-collared na trabaho.. Iniisip niya kung gaano kasuwerte ang mga ito sa normal na buhay na taglay ng mga ito. Maaaring hindi kasing laki ng kinikita niya ang natatanggap na suweldo ng mga ito, pero marahil may mga pamilyang uuwian ang mga ito. At hindi dinadaanan ng mga ito ang mapusok na kalbaryong pinagdadaanan niya. 

Ang tanging suot niya ay ang regulation na puting bikini briefs niya. Kahit saplot sa paa ay wala siya. Ngunit sa daming beses niyang naghubad sa trabaho, ay hindi niya na iniinda ang lamig kahit sa air-conditioned na silid. Kung sa bagay, nasanay na siya kahit sa pinaka matinding latay at sugat na nakuha niya sa mga sadistang kliyente niya, ano naman ang kaunting nginig?

Pero may mga bagay na kawangis niya sa mga taong dumadaan sa gilid ng building. Lahat sila ay lumalaban at nagpapailalim sa isang tao o sistema. 

Napaikot siya nang marinig ang pagbukas ng pintuan. Tumambad sa kanya si Jacob. Ang kapitbahay pala niya ang makakasama niya. Kapwa silang napatanga sa isa’t-isa. 

Napalunok si Chino. Iyon ang unang pagkakataon na makita niya ito na halos hubad. Katulad niya ay briefs lang din ang suot nito. Masmatangkad siya rito at mas batak, ngunit maganda rin ang katawan nito. Mukha itong tanned na Briton. Bilib na bilib siya sa balikat at mga braso nito. Malaki at toned. 

“Hey, Chino. Ako ang kasama mo,” awkward na bati ni Jacob. Halatang hindi ito komportable na kapwa sila hubad gayong napaka-wholesome ng lagi nilang interaksyon sa trabaho at sa agahan nang magkasama.

“Hey Jacob. Sa wakas, nagkatrabaho tayo,” lang ang nasambit niya. At totoo namang nacu-curious siya kung paano sa special unit service ang kanyang kaibigan. Ngayon, mukhang matutunghayan na niya ito.

Tinaas ni Jacob ang hawak nitong bote na may klarong liquid sa loob. “Uhm, paakyat na daw si Sir Andres. For the mean time daw, mag-apply muna daw tayo nitong body shimmer.”

Napalunok si Chino. “Okay.”

Naglagay si Jacob ng likido sa kamay tapos ay inabot sa kanya ang bote. Pinahiran nito ang sariling dibdib at mga braso. Tapos ay ang abs at ang kaunting area ng hita.

Ginaya din ni Chino ang ginawa nito. Kapwa silang kuminang sa ilalim ng LED light ng opisina.

“Ikot ka, lagyan kita sa likod,” offer nito. 

Tumalikod siya. Naramdaman niya ang malamig at nanginginig nitong mga palad na naglalagay ng shimmer sa kanyang likod. May diin at konting pisil sa hagod nito lalo na nang dumating ito sa may area sa ilalim ng puwet niya.

Nagpalit sila ng puwesto, siya naman ang naglagay sa malapad na likod ni Jacob. Nagtagal siya sa sobrang tigas na mga triceps nito. Namangha siya sa makitid na baywang nito. Ang ganda ng pagkaka-V-shape ng likuran nito.

Nang matapos siya ay humarap ito sa kanya at ngumiti.

“Grabe ka Jacob, ngayon lang kitang nakitang hubad,” bulalas ni Chino nang hindi nag-iisip, “ang ganda pala ng katawang tinatago mo sa ilalim ng damit mo.”

“Nyek. Huwag ka ngang ano, ikaw nga diyan. Nakita na kitang walang damit nung ginagamot ko ‘yung mga sugat mo noon, pero damn. Iba ka pala kapag full on sexy mode. Haha,” biro nito.

“Sa wakas. Heto na ‘yung pinag-uusapan nating panahon na magkakasama tayo sa isang assignment,” banggit niya.

“Yeah, and I won’t lie. I’ve been looking forward sa araw na ‘to,” tugon nito, “sa wakas matitikman ko na at makakatrabaho ang ‘Wonder Boy’ ng special unit.”

Natahimik silang dalawa at nagtitigan nang mariin. Damang dama niya ang init na pumapalibot sa kanilang dalawa. Sa sandaling iyon ay nabuhay sa kanya ang uhaw, para sa kanyang matalik na kaibigan sa agency.

Nabulabog ang katahimikan nang bumukas ang pintuan. Napabaling sila doon at nakita ang pagpasok ni Sir Andres. Katulad nila ay naka brief na rin ito, ngunit gawa iyon sa itim na leather. Balot na rin ng body shimmer ang katawan nito.

Namangha si Chino nang muling makita ang katawan ng amo. Matagal niya nang hindi nasilayan ang bodybuilder na built nito, at hindi pa rin nawawala ang nakakapang-init na epekto niyon sa kanya.

Napansin niyang nakanganga si Jacob. Marahil ay tama nga si Sir Andres. Bukod sa pagiging boss nila at sa pag-ipit sa kanila, may taglay talagang kapangyarihan ang kabuoang kakisigan nito. Kaya nitong palibugin ang kahit na sino sa pamamagitan lamang ng paghuhubad.

Tumango-tango ang amo sa kanilang dalawa. “Ayos, ah. Ang sexy niyo, ah.”

Nagtinginan lang silang dalawa ni Jacob.

Tumungo sa drawer si Sir Andres. “Makikipag-laro ako ng tong-its sa mga kumpare ko. Ako ang host ngayon. Kapag may laro kami, nagdadala kami ng kanya-kanyang mga lalaki sa stable namin. At kayong dalawa ang dala ko.” Tapos ay kumuha ng dalawang leather collar na may chain mula sa drawer ang amo.

Sinuot nito ang mga iyon sa leeg nilang dalawa. Damang dama ni Chino ang pagkamaliit at pagkaputa habang suot iyon. Para na talaga siyang pag-aari ng amo. 

Marahang hinila ni Sir Andres ang dalawang chains. “Nice. Snug na. I’m not sure kung may gagawin kayo mamaya. Pero for the mean time, just stand around and watch while we play? Okay?”

“Yes Sir,” sabay nilang tugon.


Pumasok ang tatlo sa loob ng meeting room kung saan gagawin ang laro. Si Chino at si Jacob ay naglalakad sa likod ng lalaki habang ang chain na nakakabit sa collar sa leeg nila ay hawak ng kanilang amo.

May apat na tao na sa loob ng meeting room na iyon. 

Nakilala ni Chino ang dalawa. Naroon si Vice Governor Mondragon at si Wilson. Ang pulitiko ay nakasuot ng itim na leather brief at chest harness, katulad ng suot nito dati. Nakaupo ito sa isa sa tatlong silyang nakapaligid sa triangilong mesa na nasa gitna ng silid. Tumingin sa kanya ng makahulugan si Wilson na naka-jockstrap lang at nakatayo sa tabi ng amo. Tinanguan niya ito.

Sa isa pang silya ay may nakaupo na isang lalaki na hubad din bukod sa isang itim na leather briefs din. Parang pang heavy weight na body builder ang katawan nito, parang wrestler sa professional entertainment wrestling ang dating nito. Nakatayo sa tabi nito ang isang lean na lalaki na mestiso at guwapo na kahawig ni Patrick Garcia. Parang batang college ito, at nakasuot din ng puting bikini brief.

Bumulong si Chino kay Jacob, “kilala mo ‘yung nasa kaliwa?”

“Orion Salve, may ari ‘yan ng karerahan, sobrang yaman,” sagot sa kanya ni Jacob, “hinire ako niyan. Mahilig sa BDSM. ‘Yung lalaking kasama niya baka kasama sa stable niya. May kuwadra ‘yan ng kabayo at mga lalaki.”

At doon napagtanto ni Chino ang pagkakapare-pareho ng mga amo. Pareparehong ginagamit ng mga ito ang lakas, kakisigan at kapangyarihan upang makapanggamit ng ibang tao. Mahalig ang mga ito mang-alipin ng mga lalaki.

“Psst, tumahimik kayo diyan. Hindi kayo puwedeng magsalita hangga’t ‘di ko kayo pinagsasalita o kinakausap,” mahinang saway ni ni Sir Andres.

Agad na pininid nilang dalawa ang kanilang mga labi.

Tumayo ang dalawang among nakaupo. Si Mondragon ang unang sumalubong kay Sir Andres. Niyakap nito ang lalaki. “Kumusta kumpadre, long time no see. Batak na batak ka pa rin, ah!” Tapos ay naglaplapan ng mga dalwampung segundo ang dalawa.

“Siyempre, kailangan matikas pa rin para sa mga kustomer,” banggit ni Sir Andres, tapos ay bumaling kay Orion, “hetong mayaman na kaibigan natin, heto ang bato-bato. Tangina, sumasali ka pa rin sa mga body building competition?”

Humalik muna kay Sir Andres ang heavyweight. “Haha, oo naman. Sayang din minsan nakakabingwit ng championship. Saka ‘yung mga ibang mga alaga ko, don ko nakukuha, eh. Yabang nitong si Andres, dalawa pa dala.”

“Tangina niyong dalawa eh, ang dami niyong sex slave, porket bini-business niyo,” hirit ni Mondragon, “hindi lang ako makagawa ng ganyan kasi mahirap nang ma-issue sa politika. Anyway, solb naman na ‘ko sa Wilson ko.”

Nagtinginan silang apat na pag-aari ng mga amo sa silid na iyon. Halong pagkahiya at pagkalito ang laman ng mga titig na iyon. Nakakapanliit kung paano sila pag-usapan ng kanilang mga amo.

“Laro na tayo,” aya ni Sir Andres. 

Umupo na ang tatlo at ang mga alipin ay tumabi na sa kani-kaniyang mga amo. Tahimik lang na nanonood silang apat habang ang kanilang mga amo ay naglalaro ng baraha. 

Habang naglalaro ay nag-uusap ang mga ito tungkol sa kanilang mga buhay buhay at kanikaniyang mga trabaho. Pantay-pantay ang galing ng tatlo sa paglalaro ng tong-its. 

Ang apat naman na mga alipin ay tahimik lang na nakatayo at nagtitinginan sa isa’t-isa habang naglalaro ang kanilang mga amo. Tila nagpapakiramdaman sila sa isa’t-isa. Wala man lang sa kanilang nagsasalita o gumagalaw dahil wala namang utos ang kanilang mga amo.

Pagkatapos ng sampung laro, nagsalita si Vice Governor, “ugh. Ang dami ko nang talo. Shit. Tsupain mo nga ‘ko Wilson, baka buenasin ako kapag pinaiinit.”

Nagtawanan si Sir Andres at Orion.

Agad namang tumalima si Wilson. Lumuhod ito sa harap ng amo, at pumuwesto sa ilalim ng mesa. Mabagal nitong binaba ang leather brief ng amo hanggang sa mahubad iyon. Tapos ay sinubo na agad nito ang semi-erect na dambuhalang burat ng Vice Governor. 

Muling naalala ni Chino ang lahat ng kanyang karanasan sa kamay ni Mondragon at ni Wilson. Isa iyon sa nagpa-excite at nagpalibog sa isa’t-isa. Naalala niya kung gaano kagaling mag blowjob si Wilson at ang kakayanan nitong patagalin bago magpalabas ang sinususo.

Si Orion naman ay sumenyas sa kasama nito at tinapik ang sariling balikat. Tumayo sa likod ang alipin nito at minasahe ang balikat at likod nito.

Tuloy ang mga laro. Umiikot ang talo at panalo sa tatlo. Sa loob ng isang oras ay nagbaraha at nagluwentuhan ang tatlo, habang si Wilson ay nagbo-blowjob, si Orion ay minamasahe at silang dalawa ni Jacob ay nananatili pa ring nakatayo.

“Grabe din ‘yang alaga mo ah, parang higit isang oras ka nang tsinutsupa niyan, ah!” puri ni Orion kay Wilson.

Sinapo ni Mondragon ang ulo ng alipin, “ilang taon ko ba naman ‘to sinanay. Kabisadong kabisado na niya ang gusto ko. Haha. MInsan four hours straight ako nito bino-blowjob kapag nasa kapitolyo ako, eh. Haha.”

Nilakasan ni Wilson ang tuog ng laway, lalamunan at ungol niya bilang tugon sa sinabi ng amo.

Tapos bumaling si Orion patingala sa alipin nitong nagmamasahe, “tingnan mo ‘yung ginagawa niya, oh? Gusto ko ganyan ka din kagaling sumuso.” Tapos humarap ito sa mga kalaro, “bago lang kasi ‘tong si Tonton sa stable ko, eh. Kaya hindi pa magaling ang dami pa masyadong arte.”

“Saan mo ba nakuha ‘yan?” tanong ni Sir Andres.

“‘Yung tatay nito, malakas magsabong. Hayun. Nung nabaon sa utang, ‘yung anak niya pinambayad,” sagot ni Orion.

“Ahhh… Hmmm… Parang si Wilson lang din pala,” banggit ng Vice Governor. Tapos bumaling ito kay Tonton, “hayaan mo Kid. Masasarapan at matututo ka rin. Tingnan mo na lang ‘tong si Wilson saka ‘tong mga puta ni Andres."

Namula ang mukha ni Tonton. Halatang baguhan pa lang ito sa ganoong karanasan.

Sobrang nakakapanliit para kay Chino ang pag-usapan sila nang ganoon ng kanilang mga nakatataas. Marahil ay nanlulumo na rin sa hiya sina Jacob, Wilson at Tonton.

“Pero kung training at training lang ang pag-uusapan, hetong si Andres talaga ang magaling,” hirit ni Orion, “tangina. World class ang escort services mo, eh. Primera klase talaga ‘tong mga nagagawa mo. Tangina, ‘tong si Jacob. Astiging amboy pero ang galing magputa sa kama.”

“Haha, saka hetong si Chino. Grabe. Ang sarap kalaro sa BDSM! Ang galing!” dagdag ni Mondragon.

Uminit ang mukha ni Chino nang nabanggit siya. 

Hinaplos ni Sir Andres ang abs ni Chino at ni Jacob sa magkabilang kamay. “Mga brad, ang sikreto diyan, hindi sa training. Kailangan sa unang tingin mo palang sa recruitment, makikilatis mo na kung sino ang bibigay at palaban. Sa isang tingin alam ko na kung putahan ang galawan ng isang lalaki. Kapag ganyan, mas magiging madali na lang ang training na kailangan. 

Nagkatinginan si Chino at Jacob. Sobrang nanliit sila pareho marahil sa sinabi nito kung paano sila naging candidate para sa special unit. 

“Pa-sample naman, oh! Mukhang hasang-hasa sa torohan ‘tong dalawang ‘to! May chemistry!” susog ni Orion.

Nagtama ang tingin niiya at ni Jacob, tapos ay kay Sir. Andres.

Tumango lang si Sir Andres tapos ay tumayo. “Sige. Basta ah, alam niyo naman kapag nag-request kayo ng live show, ang lagay niyan, eh. Haha.”

“Sus, kami pa, kailan ka ba naman namin kinuripot kumpadre. Saka lagi naman akong nagpapa-request sa nga special guards mo,” ani Mondragon.

Tumingin sa kanilang dalawa ni Jacob si Sir Andres. “Oh, sige na. Pumunta na kayo do’n sa platform. Ayusin niyo gawa niyo.”

Sumunod silang dalawa at tumungo sa may platform sa harapan ng meeting room. 

Tumungo sa gilid si Sir Andres kung saan merong drawer. May kinuha itong mga gamit doon at dinala sa kanila sa harapan. “Oh, gamitin niyo ‘to, para masmasaya.” At hinagis sa platform. Tapos bumalik ito sa silya nito.

Nakita ni Chino na isa iyong mahabang double-ended dildo at dalawang condom.

“Game na!” sigaw ni Orion iyon.

Napatitig sila sa isa’t isa habang magkaharap sa may platform.

“Well, heto na. Ma-e-experience ko na si wonderboy Chino,” nahihiyang biro ni Jacob.

“Haha, ikaw nga ‘yung wonder amboy sabi ni Orion,” ani Chino.

Namula si Jacob, “pero honestly, medyo naglu-look-forward ako sa araw na ‘to, namakaka-sex kita Chino.”

Ngumiti si Chino, “ako din naman, Jacob. Naging mabuti ka sa’kin sa special unit. Gagawin ko ang lahat para mapasarap kita.”

Ngumiti rin ito, “so, shall we?”

Niyakap niya ang kaibigan. Naramdaman niya ang pagnginig nito nang kaunti. Tapos ay hinalikan niya ito. Hindi katulad ng madalas niyang nakakahalikan na lalaki, mas malamyos ang halik na iyon, ngunit dama niya ang passion doon. Mainit at mabango ang hininga ni Jacob. Magaling din ito sa maromansang halik. 

“Sarap mo palang humalik,” biro ni Jacob ng magkalas sila ng sandali.

“Para kang babae kung halikan, ang sarap,” kumento niya tapos muli itong nakipaglaplapan sakanya ng masuyo.

Naglalakbay ang kanilang mga palad sa isa’t-isa. Tumagal ang mga kamay ni Chino sa mga braso nitong hinahangaan niya. Nagkikiskisan na ang kanilang mga umbok sa brief na tigas na tigas na. 

Bumaba ang mga halik ni Jacob. Pinupog ng labi nito ang kanyang leeg, balikot, braso at dibdib. Dinilaan nito ang kanyang kili-kili at brinosta ang kanyang dibdib at utong. 

Tumugon naman siya sa ginawa nito. Hinalikan din niya ito sa leeg, batok at tainga. Pinataas niya ang kamay nito upang mag-biceps flex ito at sinibasib niya ng halik ang nag-contract na muscles nito. Dinilaan din niya ang armpit at pecs nito. Ang kamay niya ay ay nilalamas na rin ang puwet nito.

“Shit, Chino. Ang sarap mong trumabaho,” puri ni Jacob.

“Syempre, para sa best friend ko. Gusto mo tsupain kita?”

“Shit. Ako din. Sixty-nine tayo Chino.”

Kapwa nila hinubad ang mamasa-masa at masikip nilang briefs at tinapon sa platform. Tapos ay tagiliran silang nagbaligtarag nakahiga sa kahoy. Tinitigan at hinawakan muna ni Chino ang burat ng kaibigan. Malaki iyon at German cut. Sobrang paglalaway na ang ginagawa niyon. Sinalsal niya iyon ng kaunti tapos ay sinubo sa bibig niya. Agad na umungol ang nasa ilalim niya at pinasok na rin sa bibig nito ang tarugo niya.

Na-appreciate ni Chino ang tamis ng precum ni Jacob, kaya naman lubos niyang sinipsip ang butas ng alaga nito. Rinig sa buong silid ang tunog ng muffled na mga ungol at ang mga laway. Nararamdaman din niya ang pagtama ng ulo ng kanyang kaangkinan sa lalamunan ng kaibigan. Minsan nabibilaukan silang dalawa sa pag-di-deepthroat sa isa’t isa. 

Nahanap ng mga kamay ni Chino ang mga itlog nito. Namangha din siya sa laki ng testicles nito. Mapuputi at mapupula. Tapos naglakbay ang mga daliri niya sa butas nito. Walang buhok doon. Pumasok ang hintuturo niya sa loob. Lumakas ang ungol ni Jacob. Nilaliman niya ang pasok ng daliri at ginalawgalaw iyon mula sa loob. Dinalawa niya. Fininger niya ang lalaki habang tsinutsupa niya ito.

Naramdaman din niya ang daliri ni Jacob na nahanap ang lagusan ng puwet niya. Napagiling siya at lalong niluob ang daliri sa kanyang butas. Tapos ay na-i-stretch niya pa ang sarili niya upang ang mukha niya ay umabot sa butas ng kaibigan. Ni-rim niya ito. 

Napaluwa si Jacob at napa-“ah” sa naramdaman. Maging ito ay inabot din ang lagusan nito at diniladilaan din. Kapwa na silang nakabukaka.

“Fuck, tangina. Ang hot nitong dalawa. Gamitin niyo na ‘yung dildo!” bulalas ni Orion. 

Napakalas sila mula sa pagkakalingkis sa isa’t-isa. Kinuha ni Chino ang dildo. 

“Ipasok ko na muna sa’yo para hindi ka mahirapan,” offer ni Jacob. Marahil ay nakaranas na ito ng ganoon dati. “Higa ka.”

At humiga nga siya. Bumukaka siya at hinawakan ang mga hita.

Naramdaman niya ang pagpasok ng ulo ng dildo sa kanyang lagusan. Masakit ang pakiramdam na iyon, pero sa dami nang pumasok sa kanyang puwet ay alam niya iyon at kaya na niyang tiisin. Ngunit hindi niya alam ang hangganan ng dildo na iyon. Mahigit limang minuto na siyang minumwestra ng kaibigan at pakiramdam niya ay malayo na ang naabot nito.

“Umikot ka tapos, tumukod,” instruction ni Jacob.

Patuwad na tumukod si Chino. Nakaharap na ang mukha niya sa sahig. 

Lumingon siya at nakitang ganoon din ang hitsura ni Jacob, magkaharap ang puwet nila. Pinapasok nito ang isa pang dulo ng dildo sa puwet nito. Rinig ng buong silid ang ungol niya na halong sakit at sarap.

Hindi nagtagal ay nagtagpo ang kanilang mga puwet. Naipasok na nila ang tigkalahating dildo! Kapwa silang nagsasalsal habang urong sulong ang mga balakang at dinadama ang pagtama ng sex toy sa kani-kanilang mga prostate. Kapwa pawisan at nangingig sa pleasure ang kanilang mga katawan.

“Shit, ngayon ko lang nakita na maglaho ang double ended dildo sa puwet ng dalawang tao! Hard core!” puri ni Orion.

“Pucha, kantutan na ‘yan!” dagdag ni Mondragon.

Dahan-dahan nilang hinugot ang mga sarili palayo sa dildo. Slimy ang itim na sex toy na iyon pagkalabas noon mula sa kanila.

Kinuha ni Chino ang isang condom. Binuksan niya iyon at ginamit ang bibig upang ilagay iyon sa burat ng kaibigan niya. Tapos ay tumayo siya at akmang uupuan ang tarugo nito.

Nakapamuglat si Jacob habang pababa na siya. “Teka, teka… Ikaw talaga magpapa-kantot?”

Ngumisi si Chino, “bawi ko sa lahat ng luto at tulong mo… AHHH!” Tapos ay pumasok na ang kabute nito sa kanyang butas. Dahan-dahan at hindi nagtagal ay naupuan niya na ng buong buo iyon. Tinaas-baba niya ang sarili sa sandata nito. Hindi niya na ininda kung may mga nanonood sa kanila. Basta gusto niya lang masarapan ang sarili at ang kaibigan.

“Ahhh. Chinooo ang sarap…” halinghing ni Jacob sa ilalim niya.

“Putaragis, ang laking tao nito si Chino. Barako tapos pakantot na ganyan!” pasigaw na bati ni Orion.

“Sabi ko sa’yo, ibang klase ‘yan!” sulsol ni Mondragon.

Tumingin siya sa mga nanonood at nakita niyang sumususo pa rin si Wilson sa amo. Si Orion naman ay nakahubad na at sinususo ni Tonton. Si Sir Andres naman ay nakahalukipkip lang at taimtim na nanonood sa kanila.

Pagkatapos ng sampung minutong paggiling sa ibabaw nito, nagsalita si Jacob, “Chino… Gusto ko ring ma-experience ang kantot mo, ah…”

“Okay.” Kaya siya ay tumay mula sa titing sinasakyan. Kinuha niya ang isa pang condom at sinuot iyon. Tinaas niya ang mga binti ni Jacob at tinapat ang kanyang burat sa lagusan nito.

“Chino… warakin mo puke ko… Buntisin mo ako,” hiling ni Jacob habang nakanganga’t nakatingin sa kanya ng mariin.

Ngumiti lang si Chino. Ngunit binigla niya ang pagpasok sa loob. Sagad agad.

“OOOOHHH!” bulyaw ni Jacob. 

Tapos ay nagsimula na siyang pumiston nang mabilis sa kalooban nito.

“Ah… Chino… Chino… Chino…” nagdedeliryong ulit nito sa pangalan niya. Tinanggal nito ang condom na suot.

Masarap sa pakiramdam ang mainit at makipot na puwet ni Jacob. Sinasakal pa ng muscle control nito ang titi niya.

“Fuuuck Chino… Ahhh… Chino…”

Nahinuha ni Chino mula sa tingin ni Jacob na may malalim itong paghanga sa kanya. Espesyal din sa kanya ang lalaking ito, ngunit, hindi kapareho iyon ng pagkagusto niya kay Walter.

“Ahhhrgh…” malakas na ungol ni Jacob. Nilabasan ito ng limang sirit na hindi man lang ginagalaw ang sarili. Punumpuno ng tamod ang torso nito.

Iyon ang dahilan ng pagdating sa rurok ni Chino. Hinugot niya ang kanyang etits at tinanggal ang condom. Jinakol niya ang sarili sa ibabaw nito at nagpalabas sa dibdib nito. Nagkahalo halo ang tamod nilang dalawa sa harapan nito.

Umungol na rin ang dalawang mag-amo. Nilabasan na ang mga ito sa bibig ng kanilang mga alipin. Si Wilson ay nalunok ang palabas ng amo nito, samantalang si Tonton naman ay dinura.

Napatingin si Chino sa direksyon ni Sir Andres. Nag-thumbs up ito sa kanya habang nakangisi. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[SS-090] Synchronized Divers


As Thom and Geri stood at the end of the board, diving afficionados around the world watched closely. Two aptly muscled guys in speedos.

The two men had been gold medalists for many olympic games in the field of men's synchronized swimming.

This may be their last attempt for another gold as the two were reported to retire from the sport to focus on their careers.

As they moved, it seemed like there was a mirror in between the two diving boards. They walked to the edge in sync. They dismounted from the boards in perfect timing. Their single sommersault double twist was executed masterfully. Their entry to the water was clean.

Everyone in the crowd knew for sure, that they would bag this last medal for their country.

As they met at the small pool where the athletes usually stay post dive. They hugged each other.

"You were amazing. I can't believe that was my last dive with you," Thom spoke to his partner's ears.

Geri sighed, "I know. I'm really gonna miss you buddy."

They parted.

"Seems like were getting that gold," Geri said, "it means that you will finally propose to the mysterious girl you've been telling me about."

Thom scratched his head, "I guess I would. I guess I would."

"Well, then maybe I should tell you something that I promised to tell myself to you when we win gold today," Geri stated blushing.

Thom's eyebrows met, "hmm. What is that?"

Geri held his partner's hands, "I like you Thom. Not just as a partner. As a friend. I like you as... as in I like you. Romantically and sexually."

Thoms's jaw dropped.

Geri released his hands, "yeah I know. I'm sorry. I know you're straight. I just really wanted to tell you that. So that I won't have any regrets when I part with you... I'm sorry Thom... You can avoid me now if you--"

Geri was stopped when Thom locked lips with him. They kissed earnestly and passionately.

Thom smiled as they parted, "there's no mysterious girl, Geri. The one I was going to propose to, was you. It has always been you. You hot, sexy, amazing you."

Geri smirked, "sorry... I made your proposal too easy than you expected."

"Well, it's alright. It's actually good. So we can like get past the courtship and the pleasantries. And go straight to the dating and the sex." Thom winked.

"Oh... The sex..." Geri cooed.

"Oh, you just don't know how many time's I've imagined you fucking me..."

They kissed once more, in front of the cameras.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Tahimik lang si Nicole at ang buong pamilya habang kumakain ng tanghalian sa kanilang ikalawang araw sa resort.

“Ah, honey… Alis lang ako for a while, may puntahan lang ako,” sabi ni Errol habang tumatayo ito pagkatapos magtanghalian ng pamilya.

Tumaas ang kilay niya, “oh, ano na naman ‘yan? Saan ka pupunta?”

Napakamot ito ng ulo, “ah, ano… Honey… Pupunta ako sa quarters ni Chino. Ahm, nanghihingi siya ng legal advice about something.”

“Ah, okay…” sambit niya. Napalingon siya kay Chino na naglilinis ng pinaglutuan nila sa may kitchen area.

Si Chino naman ay napatingin din sa hapag-kainan. Malamang nakatitig ito sa kanya. May maigsing ngiti na sumisilay sa mukha nito.

Napagtanto niya na mukhang gumagana ang mga plano ng kanyang hinire na agent. 

Hindi alam ni Nicole kung ano ang mararamdaman niya. Ayaw din niyang isipin kung nakasiping na ng asawa niya ang katiwala na ito. It was her sick, twisted plan anyway. Kailangan lang niyang masigurado na hindi na lalandiing asawa niya sa babae. 

Bumaling ang asawa sa katiwala, “ah, Chino. Sa labas kita antayin ah, yosi lang ako.”

“Okay, sir. Thank you po,” sagot ni Chino.

Nang matapos na si Chino sa paglilinis ay naglakad na ito palabas ng suite. Ngunit hinarang ito ni Nicole.

“Were you able to do it?” usisa niya.

Ngumiti ito, “uhm. Opo. May nangyari na sa’min. Uhm, okay lang po ba ma’am? Ituloy ko pa po ba? Kasing mukhang mag-aaya po si Attorney, eh.”

Bumuntong-hininga siya, “okay. Okay lang. Just make sure that after this weekend, hindi na siya maghahanap pa ng babae.”

“Yes ma’am.” Tapos ay lumabas na ito ng suite.


“Kanina pa ako nanggigigil sa’yo, tangina mo ka,” sabi sa kanya ni Atty. Sevilla nang kitain niya ito sa labas ng suite.

Ngumisi si Chino, “grabe ka, Sir. Kaninang umaga lang tayo huling nagpalabas, nanggigigil ka na agad.”

“Gago ka Chino. Tangina mo. Parang nananadya ka, eh. Parang inaakit mo talaga ako, eh,” yamot na banggit nito.

“Sir, kung naakit ka sa’kin, huwag mo ‘kong sisisihin. Nagkataong trip mo ‘ko, at trip kong makipaglaro sa’yo. Nagpatulan tayo. Huwag mo ‘kong sisisihin,” inis niyang sagot dito, “saka isa pa Sir, sa ating dalawa, ikaw ang mas nasa alanganin. Ikaw ang may kasamang pamilya dito. Ngayon, kung naiinis ka sa akin, huwag na lang. Bumalik ka do’n sa kerida mong laspag.”

“Teka… teka Chino…” paglalambing nito, “oo na, sige na. Sorry na. Gusto ko lang tikman ka ulit. Ayoko lang ng komplikasyon.”

“Hehe. Madali naman akong kausap Attorney.” Tapos ay bumulong siya rito, “so, pa’no ba ‘yan? Kantutin kita ulit?”

“Fuck yes,” passionate na sagot nito.

Tumungo sila sa quarters. Pumasok sila at kinandado ang pinto.

Agad siyang niyakap at pinupog ng halik ng lalaki. Sinagot naman niya ang mga halik nito. Hinawakan niya ang mukha nito upang lalong lumalim ang kanilang paglalaplapan. Damang dama niya ang kahayukan nito.

Hinanlot nito ang kanyang suot na collared shirt at tinangkang hatakin iyon pataas. Tinulungan niya itong hubarin ang kanyang damit. Tapos ay hinubad na rin nito ang kanyang shorts. Tanging puting bikini briefs at flip-flop na lang ang kanyang suot.

Kumalas ang abogado at tiningnan ang kanyang malaking bulto. “Grabe ka, Chino. Napaka-macho mo! I can’t believe na pumapatol ka! Grabe mas lalaki pa nga ang asta mo sa’kin, eh!”

“Marami sa mundong katulad ko, Attorney,” paliwanag niya rito, “akala mo macho, akala mo astigin. May asawa, may girlfriend. Nambababae pa. Pero kapag walang nakatingin, ‘yun pala bakla sila. Minsan mas hayok pa sa lalaki.”

Napalunok si Atty. Sevilla, “b—bakla ka, Chino?”

“Oo. Siguro. Pumapatol ako sa lalaki. O silahis? Hindi ko alam. Tangina, wala naman ‘yan sa kung ano’ng tawag sa’yo. Basta sex ‘yan, masarap ‘yan. At sinasabi ko sa’yo, attorney, masmasarap pang ka-sex ang lalaki kaysa sa babae,” tugon niya rito. Pakiramdam ni Chino ay sinapian siya nina Sir Andres at Walter.

Nag-flex si Chino ng kanyang biceps. Awtomatikong tumungo ang palad ng lalaki sa kanyang dibdib at minasa iyon.

“Bakit Sir? Nababakla ka na ba sa’kin?” panunukso ni Chino.

“Fuck Chino. Oo. Galit ako sa bakla pero tangina. Nababakla na yata ako,” hinagpis na sambit nito habang palipat-lipat ang mga kamay nito sa mga muscles niya. 

“Huwag mong pigilan, Sir… Kung masarap…” Kinuha ni Chino ang kamay nito at dinala sa umbok sa kanyang brief.

Pinisil-pisil nito ang nabuhay niyang burat. “Ah, Chino… Kantutin mo ako ulit.”

“Chupain mo muna ako…” kondisyon niya

“Huwag na, kantot na lang.”

“Chupa, kantot. Pareho lang din ‘yon. Bakla pa din,” anas niya rito. Tapos ay pinatong niya ang mga kamay sa braso nito at tinulak ito pababa. Napaluhod ito sa harapan niya.

“Fuck Chino please… Don’t make me do this,” pagmamakaawa nito ngunit nakatitig pa rin sa bukol na nasa harapan nito.

Kinuha ni Chino ang batok nito at sinalubsob ang mukha ng lalaki sa kanyang umbok na mamasamasa. “Tangina, Attorney… Kung hindi mo ‘ko chuchupain, hindi kita kakantutin.”

Napahikbi si Atty. Sevilla. Malamang ay tinanggap na ang sariling kahinaan sa sitwasyon.

Binaba ni Chino ang suot niyang bikini. Umalpas ang kanyang burat. Tumama iyon sa mukha ng nakaluhod na lalaki.

Hinawakan ng abogado ang tarugo sa harapan nito. Nag-aalangang sinalsal niyo iyon ng kaunti at binuka ang bibig. Mabagal bago naisubo iyon. Nanginginig pa ang mga labi nitong umiipit sa kanyang batuta.

“I-blow-job mo ko, Sir. Katulad ng ginagawa sa’yo ng mga kerida mo,” utos niya rito.

Nakapikit ang lalaki habang nagtataas-baba ang bibig nito sa alaga niya.

“Shit. Sir. Ilag mo ‘yung ngipin,” reklamo ni Chino.

Hindi nagtagal ay natutunan nito kung paano mas-suwabeng sumuso. Nagawa na rin nitong lamunin nang buo ang malaking titi niya. Nasanay na rin ito sa ginagawa. Sinabayan niya ng kadyot ang pagsuso nito.

Pagkatapos ng ilang minuto ay nagsalita si Chino, “attorney gusto mo na ng kantot?”

Niluwa nito ang titi niya, “oo puta. Oo.”

“Sakyan mo ‘ko habang nakahiga ako.” Tapos ay humiga si Chino, kumuha ng condom sa drawer at sinuot ito.

Tumayo si Atty. Sevilla. Nakatitig lang ito sa hubad niyang katawan.

“Ano pa’ng hinihintay mo? Gusto mo ng kantot ‘di ba? Upuan mo ‘ko?” pagmamaliit niya rito.

“Tangina Chino, masyado nang nakakababa ‘yang pinagagawa mo sa’kin,” reklamo nito.

Nilagay ni Chino ang mga kamay niya at ihiniga iyon sa ilalim ng ulo niya. Tiningnan niya ito ng kaakit-akit. “ano ba, Errol? Gusto mo ba? O Ayaw mo?”

Napamuglat ito ng tawagin niya ito ng first name. “Fuck Chino. Why am I letting you do this to me?”

“Libog lang ‘to Sir… Ang mahalaga pareho tayong masasarapan. Hubarin mo na damit mo.”

Tinanggal ng abogado ang suot na t-shirt, pants at boxers. Nakabuhad na ito at tigas na tigas ang batuta nito.

“Game na! Upuan mo na,” pagmamadaling arte ni Chino upang lalong ma-compel ang lalaki.

Napalundag pataas ng kama ang lalaki. Pumatong ito kay Chino.

Hinalikan nang mariin at matagal ni Chino ang lalaki. “Sige na, Errol. Kantutin mo na sarili mo sa burat ko bago ‘yan manghina.”

Unti-unting umatras ang naka tukod na si Mr. Sevilla sa titi niyang matigas. Inabot nito patalikod ang burat at tinapat sa butas.

“Shiiit. I can’t forget the pain and pleasure this cock made me feel.” Tapos ay biglaan nitong binaon ang sarili sa kaangkinan niya.

“AAAH!” sabay nilang sigaw.

Tumaas baba ang puwet ng lalaki sa kanyang alaga. Nakatungkod ito sa dibdib niya. Kita sa mukha nito ang labis na kasarapan.

“Tangina ka Sir kung gumiling! Talaga bang first time mo?” buska niya sa gitna ng kanyang mga ungol.

“Shhiiiiit! Ang sarap ng burat mo…!” bulalas ng abogado habang sinasalsal ang muling matigas na alaga nito.

“Sinong bakla ngayon, huh?!” pang-aasar ni Chino.

“Ako… Bakla ako…” halinghing ng baritonong boses ng pamilyadong lalaki.

Tuluyan nang nadurog ni Chino ang pagka-straight ng lalaki. Sinabayan niya ng kadyot pataas ang pagsakay nito sa burat niya. 

Tumirik ang mata ng lalaking nakapaimbabaw. “I’m cumming ahhh!” tapos ay may sumirit na ramod patungo sa dibdib ni Chino galing burat nito. Mga limang putok din.

Napa-“oooh" na rin si Chino at nagpalabas sa kalooban nito habang naka condom siya.

Bumagsak sa ibabaw niya ang abogado. Hindi pa rin nito bunibunot ang sarili mula sa tarugo niya. Hinalikan siya nito. “Mamaya ulit ah. Sulitin ko bakasyon ko dito. Pauuwiin ko na kerida ko. Haha.”

Humagikhik lang si Chino habang muling hinahalikan ang lalaki. Mukhang naisakatuparan na niya ang balak niya.


Pabalik na si Chino sa suite ng mga Sevilla galing sa dumpster kung saan tinapon niya ang kalat na nakolekta niya sa pamilya mula sa dinner ng mga ito. Ngunit sa kanyang paglalakad ay may humarang sa kanyang lalaki.

“Sir Samuel,” bati niya sa bunsong Sevilla.

“Hey Chino.” Nakatingin ito sa kanya ng makahulugan.

“May magagawa po ba ako para sa inyo, Sir?” offer niya.

“I wanna fuck you,” nakangising sabi nito.

Napamuglat si Chino, “ho? Sir?!” Bumilis ang tibok ng puso niya.

“I said, I wanna fuck you. Katulad ng ginawa mo kay Daddy,” mariing sabi ni Samuel.

“Hindi ko po alam ang sinasabi niyo,” pagkakaila ni Chino. Kabadong kabado na siya. Kung anu-ano ang pumapasok sa isip niya.

“Look, huwag mo na ‘kong lokohin. Nakita ko kayong dalawa ni Daddy. Noong umaga at nung after lunch. I peeped in sa quarters mo. I have always known my father to be a womanizer and a gay hater. I don’t know na nanlalalaki din pala siya,” 

Natahimik si Chino. Hindi niya alam kung paano magre-react sa pagkahuli sa kanya.

“So, dude. Are you gonna let me fuck you?” maangas na tanong nito.

Nag-init ang mukha niya. “Good night, Sir Samuel. Kalimutan niyo na ‘yung nangyari. Huli na ‘yun namin ng Daddy mo.” Tapos ay akma na siyang lalakad palampas dito. Hindi niya naman masabi dito na ginawa niya iyon dahil utos iyon ng ina ng mga ito.

“I’m going to tell Mama,” banta nito. “I don’t know exactly kung ano ang relasyon niyo ng father ko. But I’m telling on you.”

Napatigil si Chino. Hinarap niya ito, “bakla ka din ba? Katulad ng tatay mo?”

Si Samuel naman ang namula sa sinabi nito. Matagal silang natahimik.

“I’m actually confused. Kailangan ko ng stranger na kausap. I just wanna sort through my stuff,” madilim na sambit nito.

Nakita ni Chino ang pagkalito sa mukha nito. Hindi niya maintindihan ang loob niya, kung bakit naaawa siya rito.

Pagkatapos noon ay natagpuan nila ang mga sarili sa loob ng quarters niya. Naka tatlong bote na ng vodka silang dalawa, habang nagkukuwentuhan ng buhay-buhay.

“Sa totoo lang, Chino, I didn’t have these feelings before towards other men,” pagbunyag ni Samuel pagkatapos lumagok ng alak, “I have a girlfriend for two years and I love her. Hindi ko ginusto ‘to. Kaso shit. My basketball coach seduced me. Halos araw araw he would make me stay behind after practice, so I can fuck him in the car. At first hindi ko nagustuhan. Napilitan lang din ako, dahil I want to stay in the team. And then eventually, nagugustuhan ko na. And now that tapos na ang high school at hindi ko na nakikita si coach, my body misses another man’s touch. Shit. Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Heto na ‘yung chance na mabago ko ang sarili ko, to live a straight life. Pero shit. When I saw my Dad getting fucked kanina, parang naisip ko, damn. Baka hindi naman mali ‘tong weird shit na nararamdaman ko.”

Tahimik lang na nakikinig si Chino sa mga nilalahad ni Samuel. Kahit papaano ay naiintindihan niya ito. Parang iyon din ang nangyari sa kanya dahil sa pagpasok niya sa agency. Dama niya ang hinagpis nito kung paano gahasain ng isang taong makapangyarihan, hindi lang ang katawan niya, kundi ang kaluluwa at pagkatao niya. At kung paano nagagawa niyang paligayahin ang sarili sa kamalian dahil sa kahinaan at kagipitan niya.

“Ikaw Chino? Bakla ka ba? Paano kayo nagkakilala ng Daddy ko?” usisa nito.

Uminom ng alak si Chino bago tumugon. “Hindi ako komportableng pag-usapan ang sexuality ko. Masyadong komplikado. Ang tatay mo, dito ko lang siya nakilala sa resort. Ayaw ko nang idetalye.”

“Did he pay you to have sex with him?”

“Hindi ako bayaran, Samuel,” pag-deny niya. Ngunit totoo naman iyon. Hindi si Mr. Sevilla ang nagbayad sa kanya, kundi ang babaeng asawa nito. Pero paano niya naman sasabihin iyon sa anak ng naggagaguhang mag-asawa?

“Then, have sex with me.” Hindi iyon pakiusap. Parang utos iyong lumabas sa bibig ni Samuel, “I just need an ass to fuck. Do you bottom, Chino?”

“Hindi ako makikipag-sex sa’yo, Samuel. Menor de edad ka pa nga yata, eh. Makakaalis ka na,” pagtutol ni Chino. Tumayo ito at inayos na ang mga boteng naubos nila. Tinalikuran niya ito.

“You know what my coach would do?”

Napaharap siyang muli sa bunsong Sevilla.

“He would slowly take my clothes off, even as I resisted,” sabi ni Samuel habang hinahatak pataas ang jersey na suot. Lean na lean ang katawan nito. Hindi malalaki ang muscles ngunit ripped. Maputi ang kutis nito at mapula-pula ang nipples. Hinaplos nito ang sarili habang tinutuloy ang kuwento, “tapos hahalikan niya ako sa leeg. Tapos he would kiss and nibble on my nipples… Ahhh. Ima-muscle worship niya ako, kahit mas bodybuilder ang tindig niya sa’kin. Hot ang coach ko. Maton at bigotilyo pa. Pero adik ‘yun sa titi. Didilaan niya ako sa tainga at aakitin ako with his dirty talk.”

Namangha si Chino. Sa edad nitong disisyete ay tila alam na alam na nito ang kamunduhan ng seks sa kapwa lalaki. Kitang kita niya ang kahayukan at pananabik sa mukha nito habang hinahaplos ang sarili.

Tinanggal nito ang suot na shorts at underwear. Umalpas ang manipis ngunit mahabang tarugo nito na matigas na. “He would hug me as soon as I get naked. Para niyang pipisakin ang katawan ko sa pagyakap sa kanya.”

Tapos ay naglakad ito papunta sa kanya. Hinalikan siya nito. Malalim at mariin. Hindi na nakapalag si Chino. Nadala na siya sa pang-aakit nito, at medyo tipsy na rin siya dahil sa nainom na alak. Hinubaran na rin siya nito.

“Damn, Chino you’re so sexy. So manly. Para kang si coach,” ani Samuel.

“Ano pang ginawa sa’yo ni coach?” usisa niya rito. Wala na. Nakanti na si Chino, kaya tuloy-tuloy na ang pagpatol niya.

“Well, we didn’t have much time after class or training. So, pagkasakay ko sa kotse niya, chuchupain na niya agad ako,” tugon nito tapos nananabik na tumingin sa kanya, “will you suck me too, Chino?”

Ngumisi siya, “pasalamat ka ako katiwala mo. Sige, tutal naman andito na tayo. Nagkanda-lokoloko na. May VIP treatment ka sa’kin.” Tapos ay lumuhod si Chino at sinubo agad ang titi ng teenager na nasa harapan niya.

“Fuuuck Chino… Ughhh! You’re good at this! Arrrgh!” halinghing ni Samuel.

Tumagal siya ng sampung minuto habang dini-deepthroat ang binata. Naisip niyang sundin na lang ang request nito para matapos na talaga ang serbisyo niya sa pamilyang iyon.

Nang mapagod ay niluwa na niya ang burat nito, “hmm… Ano pang ginagawa mo kay coach?”

“Kinakantot ko siya. Shit Chino. I think your butt is just fucking fuckable. Gusto kitang kantutin,” pagsusumamo ni Samuel.

Tumayo si Chino at hinalikan ang binata. “Isang beses lang ‘to. Pagbibigyan kita. Pagkatapos kalimutan mo na ‘ko. Kalimutan mo na rin ang nakita mong ginawa namin ng tatay mo, okay ba ‘yun?”

Nagkibit-balikat ito. “Sure, I like that. Kantot-kalimot.” 

Tapos ay tinulak siya nito at napahiga siya sa kama. Kusa nang bumukaka si Chino.

“So you do bottom, nice,” sambit ni Samuel habang pumapatong sa kanya at tinututok na ang sandata sa butas niya, “dahil kapos kami sa oras ni coach, usually wala na kaming priming. Pasok na agad. Kaya mo ba ‘yon Chino.”

“Sige na, ang dami mo pang ingles na satsat. Tapusin na natin ‘to,” inis niyang banggit habang kumukuha ng condom sa may side table. Binuksan niya iyon at sinuot sa sandata ni Samuel.

At iyon nga ang ginawa ni Samuel. Piniston agad nito ang burat sa kalooban niya ng isang kadyot. Buti na lamang ay manipis lang ang etits nito, kaya kahit mahaba ay hindi naman iyon masyadong masakit para sa kanya. Dahil bata pa ang lalaki, medyo maresistensya pa ito kaya talagang mabilis at mariin ang pagkakakantot sa kanya.

Sinimulan ni Chino na salsalin ang sarili. Muli na naman siyang nag-init. Ikatlong sex niya na sa araw na iyon, pero parang buhay na buhay pa rin siya. Kakaibang lakas din talaga ang naibigay sa kanya ng kanyang trabaho.

“Fuck, Chino… You’re so hot…” banggit nito habang nakikipag titigan sa kanya. Lalo nitong binilisan at diniinan ang pagkantot sa kanya.

Ngunit dahil sa kabataan ay madaling naabot ni Samuel ang rurok. “Urrrgh!” Bumagal ang pag-kadyot nito tanda na nakapagpalabas na ito.

“Ang bilis mo, Kid!” Hindi madali kay Chino na magpalabas.. Dahil ikatlo na iyon, kailangan pa niya ng matagalang salsal.

Biglang bumukas ang pinto. “Chino andito ka ba— holy shit! SAMUEL?!”

Napatigil silang dalawa at napatingin sa pintuan. Tumambad sa kanila si Atty. Errol.

Agad na napahugot si Samuel. Kusang bumagsak ang condom nitong may tamod na sa sahig.

Napamuglat si Chino. Nawala ang kanyang libido.

Humangos sa kanya ang abogado at pumatong sa kanya. Sinakal siya nito, “putangina mo! Bakit pati anak ko, tinalo mo?! PUTANGINA MO!”

Sa panic ni Chino ay agad niyang nahawakan ang baywang nito at hinagis ang lalaki sa sahig papalayo sa kanya. Bumangon siya at nag-stance na parang makikipag-bugbugan.

“Tangina mo! I will sue you with statutory rape! GAGO KA!” bulyaw ng ama.

“Dad, are you stupid?! Are you going to really drag my name at patunayan sa korte na nagahasa ang anak mo?!” galit na singit ni Samuel, “whatever happened, it was with my consent. Ako ang namilit sa kanya.”

“Gago ka Chino, I will destroy you!” pananakot nito.

Sinubukan ni Chino na mag-astang matapang kahit takot na siya sa sitwasyon. “Gago rin kayong dalawa. Kapag kinanti niyo ko, sasabihin ko sa lahat na bakla ka Attorney, pati ‘tong anak mo! Parepareho tayong sasabog dito.”

“GAGO KAAAA!” sigaw ng abogado habang nagtatangkang umatake.

Pinigilan siya ni Samuel, “Dad stop this! Can we just let this go?! Bakla ako, bakla ka. Nagtaluhan tayo? Puwede bang kantot-kalimot na lang lahat?! Taragis naman, sisirain pa ba natin ang pamilya natin dahil sa putang ‘to?” Tumuro ito kay Chino.

Hindi nakasagot si Chino. Tama naman si Samuel sa sinabi nito.

“And if you’re suing someone for statutory rape, huwag si Chino,”  dagdag ni Samuel, “sue my coach. He has been sexually molesting me since second year high school.”

“WHAT?! BAKIT HINDI MO SINASABI SA’KIN?!” hinagpis na sigaw ni Atty. Sevilla.

“You’re not exactly the best father to confide to, Dad, alam mo ‘yan,” malungkot na sagot nito, “you spend more time sa trabaho at mga babae mo kaysa sa’min. Tapos kapag uuwi ka, all you care about is our grades and achievements. We never bond. Kami ni Kuya, galit kami sa’yo because you’ve been hurting Mom for the longest time. Ano’ng pinagkaiba niyo kay Chino?”

Lumamlam ang mukha ng ama. Marahil ay na-realize ang mali nito, “I’m sorry, Samuel. I am very sorry.” Niyakap nito ang anak nang mahigpit. 

Tahimik lang ang anak. Ngunit humihikbi na rin ito sa bisig ng ama.

Binaba ni Chino ang mga kamay niya. Napakalaki ng problema ng pamilyang ito. Minalas lang siya na maipit sa gitna ng lahat ng iyon.


Alas singco ng umaga. Naglalakad-lakad si Chino paikot sa resort. Iyon na ang huling araw niya sa lugar na iyon. Pagkaalis ng pamilya Sevilla ay hindi na siya babalik doon.

Pagkatapos ng drama kagabi ng mag-ama ay umalis na ang mga ito. Napagpasyahan ni Atty. Sevilla na huwag na siyang sisihin sa nangyari at kalimutan na lang ang lahat ng gulo.

Napagtanto ni Chino na nahigitan niya ang kanyang misyon sa assignment na iyon. Hindi lang niya nagawang bakla ang padre de pamilya. Nagawa din niyang ipa-realize dito ang kamalian ng pagke-kerida nito. Kung ano man ang epekto noon sa kinabukasan ng pamilya, wala namang makakaalam.

Napadaan siya sa cottage kung saan unang naroon ang kerida ng abogado. Nagtaka siya kung bakit may mga aninong gumagalaw sa loob. Sumilip siya sa bintana at nagulat sa narinig at nakita.

“Ughh… Fuck, Dad your ass is so tight… Ugh!” si Samuel iyon.

“Shit. Sige anak. Kantutin mo ‘ko. Tangina,” sagot ng abogado.

“Huwag ka nang mambababae, Dad, ah? Tangina mo.”

“Oo hindi na anak. Basta lagi mo ‘kong kakantutin… Argh…”

Agad na lumayo sa eksena si Chino. Sobra na siyang nawi-wirduhan sa mga pangyayari.


“Thank you, Chino,” ani Mrs. Sevilla. Nagkita sila sa isang hotel cafe, dalawang linggo pagkatapos ng kanyang assignment.

“Uhm. Ginawa ko lang po ang trabaho ko,” sagot ni Chino.

“And you did well. My investigators say na wala na talagang kino-contact o kinikitang babae ang asawa ko,” sabi nito, “pero weirdly enough, hindi rin siya nakikipagkita sa lalaki. Nor did he try to contact you sa resort. So, you may have really fucked him up.”

Nagkibit-balikat siya, “baka po.”

“Actually masmadalas siya sa bahay ngayon. Usually, nagbo-bond lang sila ni Samuel,” dagdag ng babae.

Nananalangin lang si Chino na sana hindi malaman ng ina ang totoong “bonding” ng mag-ama.

“I’d like to give you a tip for your good work, but before that…” lumapit ang babae sa mukha niya at bumulong, "I keep wondering what you did to my husband and I can’t help feeling jealous that he got a taste of your sexy body. I reserved a hotel room here. Nandoon ang tip ko sa’yo. Would you like to join me there and demonstrate how you fucked my husband up?”

Tapos ay tumayo si Mrs. Sevilla at ngumisi sa kanya. Tapos ay naglakad ito patungo sa elevator.

Napalunok si Chino. Wirdong-wirdo na siya sa mga karanasan niya sa mga Sevilla. Ngunit hindi niya palalampasin ang seksing babaeng ito.

Sumunod siya agad kay Mrs. Sevilla.

Monday, January 25, 2016

[SS-089] Equestrian's Stable


*Please find your way in my stable*

That was the text message that the sports column writer received from his  interviewee for his next feature article: L. Ortiz, equestrian extraordinaire.

He entered through the big opening of the big wooden building which he assumed to be the stable Ortiz was talking about.

He expected the inside to be dingy and smelly, but he found the place quite well kept. There were about seven horses there, each having its own stable. The bodies of the stallions were strong and shiny.

At the other end, was a man tending to a horse outside its stable. He was surprised to see the man naked, except for black briefs.

"Mr. Ortiz?" he called out.

Ortiz held out his hand, "come closer. You must be the writer."

"Yes..." he replied tentatively, not knowing how to act around the muscular hunk that he was walking towards.

"You can start your interview now... I still have to do my chores for all these horses of mine," Ortiz told him.

"Oh yes..." the writer reacted frantically as he took out his dictaphone.

The interview lasted for almost twenty minutes. He could not help but have his eyes glued on the equestrian's strong and smooth body.

"So, how do you maintain a good relationship with your horses?" the writer asked his final question.

"Well, you must be the animal you want to be friends with," Ortiz replied, "I usually am naked around them so they feel I'm one with them."

"Oh," then the writer swallowed as his eyes moved to the stud's crotch.

"When they see I'm hung like a horse, they'll know they're with a friend." Then Ortiz pulled down his briefs.

"Woooow... indeed... you are as hung as a horse... How do girls handle that?"

"They don't. 'Cause they can't," Ortiz said as he came closer, "it fits a man's ass better."

Before he can react, the horse-hung equestrian kissed his lips and started taking his clothes off. Overwhelmed with new feelings, he just gave in to the stallion master.

Without much effort, Ortiz was able to bend him down and penetrate his ass with the humungous dick.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Paramour Act 2

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Act II: Macchiatos and Frappuccinos

I watched him every day. Is it mere coincidence? In the years I’ve seen him, in college and in high school, he didn’t change. We were batch mates, yet we were never friends. I didn’t have the courage to even talk to him, or even look at him. But I have always liked him.

I have always looked as his aquiline nose, his deep eyes, his whitish skin, and his downcast mouth. I have always seen him be the best he was, as he was one of the most accomplished person I’d ever met – running the school’s publication and being a scholar while being the student council president.

After graduation, I hoped to talk to him. But I hadn’t got the courage to. He was as silent as a tree that day too. I guess, him having no one there to see him accept his magna cum laude medal or hearing him speak eloquently on the podium was driving him into a weird sense of loneliness.

I didn’t even think I would ever meet him again. I was hired as a CSR – Outgoing, sales. I wasn’t anything like him – I wasn’t a high achiever. But when I looked at his Facebook page lately, he was still unemployed. That struck me as odd. He was usually as busy and as scattered as a bee. He wouldn’t want any dull moment.

Imagine the surprise when I saw him walking across the street, walking towards my office. I quickly checked with the people in HR (one of which was my buddy-buddy) and asked if there was someone named Kris Magdantay on the hiring pool today. There was, my buddy said, and told me people were quite impressed by him. I’d asked if he was scheduled to have an interview today too, since it’s past the dayshift were the bigwigs usually work at, and my buddy said an affirmative. He’d have a meeting today. And the meeting will end exactly when my “lunch” break starts.

He was hired. I knew that from the smiles the HR officer had leaving their meeting. And I’d seen his scowling face turn into a somewhat smirk after that meeting.

I followed him, discretely, to see him go into a dainty coffee shop - the same coffee shop where I chanced seeing him after work last week. I guess he was a regular there now.

I should be eating. But instead I followed him to that café, deciding that I should talk to him, just once. I ordered a Venti brewed coffee, just enough for a quick long chat. I tried to think for a lame excuse to sit with him, and good enough there were less than few open seats around the coffee shop.

I was tense and my hands were shaking as I walked towards his table. He was in his usual gloominess, staring outside the window as I stood opposite him and sat. I was thinking: Will he recognize me?

“Excuse me, can I sit here? Apparently, there are no seats available.”

“Hm.” He grunted.

“By the way, I’m Basil Arrieta. Nice to meet you.” He didn’t recognize me one bit. Perhaps, because I had always tried to distance myself from him, he didn’t even remember me. But I saw the faint glimpse of recognition/ pass through his eyes.

“Yeah, you too...”

I think he gave up trying to place me in the numerous people he knew, as he looked towards the streets again. Maybe he was oblivious to the fact that I was here, or that maybe he recognized me as he continued to ogle at the window to look at empty spaces.

Was he always this gloomy?

“Do you regularly go here? I think I’ve seen you a number of times here already.” I took a quick sip of my Venti brewed coffee.

“Yeah.” He averted his eyes back to the street.

“Uhm, so a CSR of a BPO? Night shift?” He looked across the street just as I had.

“Yeah, Sykes. Just two blocks away from here. Just relaxing before going home.” I said. I took another sip. And another. And another.

“What department are you in exactly? I’m at Outgoing, Sales.” Oh, so he works there too. Figures, he seemed so familiar to me.

“Oh, I’m in HR.” I said as I put down my coffee, now emptied.

Yes, I confirmed that I still had feelings for him. The crush I had that I thought I had forgotten was still there. I waited for an opportunity to say what I wanted: a chance to say that I had this inane crush on him. But as I opened my mouth to speak, he put down his cup and started to gather his things.

“Thanks for the time. Are you here the same time tomorrow?” I said, with him still putting his books inside his leather messenger bag.

“Yeah.” He stood up, apparently looking at his watch.


I spent the entire night thinking about him - about how he changed and how I still had this admiration of him. I could still remember the times I watched (or rather stalked) him – how I knew his favorite food, his perfume, his usual garb – and how it killed me that I couldn’t be with him. The usual face he has, the frown that certainly cannot be wiped from his face and how his body reacts to everything. Ah, I can’t forget him. Ever.

And then we started to talk and drink regularly together. One time, he said he’d rather date men that date cynical women. And he said to me with subtlety that if I were a woman, I had a big chance. I was shocked; he admitted he could like me. That was enough for me. I admitted I loved him, and he said I’ll try to like you back. I could see the sincerity in his eyes.

But I could also see the anxiety in him. Maybe he knows I was too obvious in liking him. Or maybe he knows the real me – the me who had loved him for over years. But I dunno, we gave it a chance.

A year passed by without event. No big fights, no squabbles, no jealousy or something. We were just a happy couple. We dated regularly, watching movies or hanging out in his flat.

Toot. Toot. Toot. Texts here and there, no answers, no replies. Calls. Out of signal or cannot be reached. I was fuming. How can he not remember? And the trouble I put setting up my surprise in his flat.

He came home in his flat, dead drunk. As soon as he saw everything, I started to leave.

“Wwait, please no.”

“You don’t even remember what this day means to us.”

“Wait, sorry. I’ll get you… uhm.”

“An anniversary gift? For what? For me loving you?”

“It’s not like I had a fucking say on this!”

“Yeah. Okay, I give up. Take all this shit and dump them in the trash ok? I’m done.”

“Done with what? You think I don’t regret this?”

“Yeah, that’s the point. You regret. What do you think I would feel when the guy I liked for so many years can’t even like me back?”

“What? I like you.”

“Yeah, enough to forget that on this day, you finally gave me a chance. A chance I was so desperate to get. A chance you gave me, not because you liked me, but because you were trying out other things.”

“I give up.”

“Fine then.”

I left him alone, and I was cold. But I still know that it wasn’t the right thing to do. I conflicted with myself. He was drunk. I was fuming. That doesn’t add up to a nice celebration. By the time I decided to concede and go back to him, I saw a bag full of everything I prepared for today outside his flat, and his door was closed shut. He left, the neighbor said, a few minutes after I left.

We had never talked since. I saw him in and out of office, but I had no courage to talk to him. I wanted him back, I was sorry. I was content somehow in me loving him and him liking my company, but I had a point. Why can’t he love me? I mean real, full blown love that can take your breath away. But I had forgone my feelings now.